An audit provides additional value to shareholders and the management of the company in terms of independent performance assessment and strengthening the transparency of the company’s operations.

The client portfolio of NURTEAM AUDIT includes more than 50 companies, including both companies with foreign investments and large domestic companies representing various business sectors.

NURTEAM AUDIT is included in the list of audit firms accredited in the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE).

NURTEAM AUDIT prepared to provide the following high-quality professional services in the field of audit of financial statements:

Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS or other financial reporting standards;

• Special purpose audit. Conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing

• Compilation of financial statements. Services are conducted in accordance with International Standard for Related Services 4410;

Benefits: of working with NURTEAM AUDIT for clients:

The key difference between NURTEAM AUDIT and its competitors is the combination of deep theoretical and methodological knowledge and expertise, confirmed by the presence of professional certifications and practical experience in key positions of industry entities;

Combining experience in auditing, accounting, tax, and legal regulation, we possess knowledge of the best practices applied by companies and prefer to provide       practical solutions applicable to your organization.

The best offer in terms of price-quality ratio. We always strive for a reasonable combination of the service cost and quality.

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